RMT:Ghostbusters 2 (RT 51%)

I saw the trailer to this as a kid and went crazy in the theater. I then saw it and enjoyed it. I mean I was 7 so there was no way I wasn't going to like it. Now my kids have been asking to watch this one more and more. I'd say more than the original. They really love the end to the first but I think there are some slow parts for kids that bore them. Two moves a bit faster pace imo. Since I've seen the move twice in 2 days thanks to the kids I'd figured we do a Random Movie Thoughts on it.

-I can't believe this came out in 1989. Feels like 1992 or something. Can't explain it.

-Egon's hair is taller than ever.

-Loved seeing a broke down Ecto 1. We need a Hot wheels Elite of this.

-Dana was hot in the red in GB1. Never hot again in any movie at any time.
-I wish I could watch World of the physics with Bill Murry for real.

-Those guys make a crap attempt at stopping that baby carriage.

-I like the haunted painting bit. Think hes a creepy enough but you never feel the weight of "the world is ending like in GB1".

-The Ghostbusters digging the hole in the middle of the street is probably one of the funnier parts of the movie. Bill of course leads the charge.

-No Winston of course digging. He gets shit on per usual.

-I love how Ray freaks out and hits one pipe and the whole city goes dark.

-Tully is great in all the court stuff. Very funny.
-I love the court bust. Two great spookes, lots of proton streams. I think both movies could have had more busting. I want more of this! There just isn't enough.

-Get to see the new Ecto-1A which I loved as a kid. I entered a contest at the store to win one. I didn't win... I wonder who won it and what happened to it? Was it the real car? Replica? My son says it looks better too. I now enjoy the classic Ecto 1. Less is more but as a kid you love A1.

-You see some great stuff during the music video. Stuff I would want to see not just quick clips of. Again not enough busting.

-Jeanine is back and just odd. I really don't like it. She goes from normal secretary with an edge or attitude to trying to be sexy and now just seems like a dumb bimbo or something. Its almost seems like not the same person but it is.
-This movie takes like no chances what so ever. They took the safest of safe routes making this movie. Its like the same as the first but subbed in different ghosts and Vigo. Bill said the movie looked nothing like what he was told it would be. I think Sony got cold feet since the Real Ghostbusters was so huge and didn't want to keep parents from taking their kids. So they played it safe. Had Dan change it up from what he showed Bill. I mean they don't even smoke... No Twinkies either.

-The GB sign shows a "2" fingered ghost? So they are breaking the 4th wall? They know its a movie? Always thought the GB 2 logo was silly. Not a chance I go that route if it were my choice.

-So the door locks and Egon and Ray are trapped next to the fire. Winston then breaks the door down... So one side had the lock... If its on the outside why does he smash a door down? If its on the inside why don't they just unlock it?

-Probably the only original new thing in this movie was the river of slim. I enjoy all those parts and how it works with emotion.

-The slim throwers was pretty great, I had that toy.

-The Titanic scene was always a favorite. I still have my Hardees glass with the ship on it.

-I never realized that the ghost who took Oscar looked like Janosz...Until now.. Huh.

-I always liked the Liberty scene. Its just he Melo Man part of the movie basically. Loved the NES Advantage is driving the thing..All pretty crazy really.
-The last Fight with Vigo is so quick. Not enough streams and slim! seems like it ends fast. Ray turns to Vigo for like a hot second. Can't you imagine if Rayigo run off, grab Ecto and the GB have to follow to save their friends life? Would have been better right? Hire me.. when I was 7.
GB2 is what it is. Its Ok. It really builds very little from the first and tells almost the same story. Its a bit of a bummer. If anyone says its better than the first they drank to many Ecto Coolers. Played it way to safe and not enough Buster action imo. I still like it but series still has one great movie to its name. On the bright side. The 2nd NES game is a bit better than the first GB game...

I have the three GB2 comics which shows some deleted scenes with Ray driving like a nut in Ecto and crashing. Worth checking out and cool little vintage comic.

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Top 10: Real Ghostbusters Toys

The real Ghostbuster toys were amazing. I had so many. I'm lucky I still have most of them and my kids now play with them. Kenner did a hell of a job for the most part. The minor complaints would be we never saw any of the great spooks from the show like the sandman,boogedy and many others. Also the proton packs didn't take much of a beating. I remember my streams snapping off and other things on them breaking and I was a kid who didn't play rough. The ghosts we did get all had fun elements like spitting water, shooting objects and popping eye balls. The line gets more and more expensive to collect. I just spent $100 on Ecto Glow Egon so I should know..

The original four GBs will cost you a lot on Ebay. I just saw a graded 85+ Peter go for $700...So yeah they hold value. Of course condition matters but I've found a few at flea markets for almost nothing sealed(gross Grandma for $1 and Freighters Ray for $15). I really wish I could find a sealed Ecto but that isn't happening or I'd have to pay for it. Please feel free to share any of your RGB in the comments! This was a really tough list to make since I had so many..

10. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
My issue with him as a kid was his size. He's just to small. He can fit in the fire house! I used to use a story line in my head that he got shrunk down by Egon just so I could stand using him. He is still a must for this toy line and I had my fun dragging him with Ecto 1. I always wanted the bigger plush one but never got it.

9. Slimer
I had the opposite issue with Slimer, He's huge! I wish he would have just been one of the ghost to come with the GB. He'd be scaled right at least. I did enjoy his half eaten rubber pizza.

8. The Ghost Trap
It didn't work the greatest but I still really liked it! I mean for the look alone it was awesome. Very cartoon accurate. Glows in the dark too! I used to run around with it on my hip. Throw it out to catch a ghost and stomp on the petal and...nothing most the time would happen..

7. Ecto-2
This was a pretty fun toy. My son enjoys it too. Just having a GB dangle from the string was fun. I picking up a big ghost. It again looked just like the cartoon and Kenner did a great job doing that. I always parked it on the roof of HQ. 

6. Egon Power Pack Hero
This was always my favorite Egon. I loved his black flight suit. I wish I could have gotten the others in black. His flying backpack wasn't bad either.

5. Ecto-Glow Ghostbusters Series
This has become a adult favorite as I never saw these as a kid. This was the last series that barley saw the light of day as Kenner was bought by Hasbro and line was pulled. They even use the original sculps of the first four. The cards and the figures are just a thing of beauty. I just bought Egon in Mint Mint Mint... MINT condition. This series will set you back as its the most valuable behind the Original four. I dropped $110 for Egon but with the case and it being Mint.. It was a steal.

4. Proton Pack
What a great toy and you got a PKE meter! I would run around the house busting ghosts and acting the cartoon out. My parents had a old farm house and I for sure busted some spooks with my Pack. Now my kids run around wit it on their back and that makes me happy.

3. Original Ghostbusters
The big 4! The originals! These got the most run with me. Sure the others are cool and do some funny stuff but these are it. The ghosts were always great too that came along with them. I just wish the proton packs would have been more durable as my broke and we used lots of super glue to keep them in service. Nothing was better then crossing the streams while playing and saving the world again and again. I would do terrible things to own these sealed. 

2. Ecto-1

Man was it hard not putting this at one. I love this car. I had so much fun loading up the RGB and busting out of the fire house with my mouth siren blaring. Using the claw made for many RGB saves  from cliffs... I know but it happened in my room. The down side was the doors had issues staying on and it could be very hard to get the guys in the front seat. I never used the black top seat. Didn't seem to fit much with the look of the car. Mine was in rough shape and I got some new stickers and a door and repainted. Looks good as new. I also bought the Ecto-1A and was a bit let down when it was the same car but with different stickers. I'm sure my mom was happy too...Its still Probably my favorite toy vehicle next to the Thundertank.  

1. The Firehouse 
I love this toy. I used this for years beyond RGB as it would used for other toy lines with my playing. I mean this thing is scaled for the Ecto which is something I wished my Thundertank was with Cats Lair but isn't. The guys can do all the things they can do in the show. You can go down the pole,put ghosts in the containment unit and work on Ecto in the garage. I loved busting through the doors with Ecto and heading out to busts some ghost. I never used the slim since I was afraid it might gunk up my toy. Not long ago I found my old one in rough shape in my mothers basement. I restored it and painted to be more movie accurate. You can see that process here. Now my kids use it all the time for a number of things and really enjoy it as much as I did. I'm still looking for the sign that goes outside so if anyone wants to donate one (: 
The Kenner RGB is just an amazing line that got cut off from Kenner going out but the toys stand the test of time(not the proton packs) and still are a great time. Here are a few pics of my kids enjoying the line. If you are interested in my top 10 Real Ghostbusters episodes you can check those out here.

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COOL CRAP: Diamond Select Batman The Animated Series Batmobile

Well I pulled the trigger on this monster of a Batmobile. A 24 inch Animated Series Batmobile. Its always been one of my favorite ones next to the 89 Batmobile. I bought a 2014 Chrysler 300 just because it reminds me of this Batmobile.
Diamond Select did an awesome job with this. The hatch slides open and the pit has a ton of detail. The lights are very bright and give a fun touch. It rolls well and I am sure my son will take this and play with it when I am not around to tell him no. I've wanted it for some time but never wanted to drop $80. Saw it in person at Grand Rapids Comic Con where a dude told me $90 and I said nope I'll find it for a cheaper. He said "I doubt it."

Later that night I found it on Amazon for $50! Brand New. Couldn't pass it up any longer. I need to buy some a of the great figures that they have released for it. The finish on it is a very flat black and will look dusty if you don't keep up on it. My brother did a comparison with the toy from our childhood and it night and day. I used to think the Toy was a amazing replica but it can't hold a candle to this thing.
I would love to see DS to a Ecto 1 with the lights and everything. They did a great job here and with the Knight Rider Kitt. Some people might say its to big but I think that makes it cool. Everyone who sees in my house always checks it out. If you are a BTAS fan then this is a must.
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Grand Rapids Comic Con

Well this was my first comic con of any sort and I must say I really enjoyed it. I know Grand Rapids isn't the biggest CC in the world but it packed a lot of great stuff. The highlights to me was meeting three of the four TMNT from the original movie and going to their Q&A panel which was ran by Ben of Court of Nerds, meeting Kevin Eastmen who was sign FREE autographs and seeing the Red Ranger from afar. Not to mention all the vendors with toys and other goods I can't afford. I did pick up some cool NES posters for my down stairs(Zelda and BTTF).

My son had a great time but of course was overwhelmed  by some of the crowds. By noon you could barley get anywhere. It was packed! My only grip as it was just crazy busy. I did get to ask a question to the turtles in the panel and asked about what it was like going from such an intense gritty movie to TMNT 2 which is light and more aimed at kids. Leif Tilden(Don) basically said it was hard going from a movie with a goal and vision to a movie that was more "like a party". Also said TMNT 1990 was not a violet movie like a lot of parents labeled it and that a dark movie is ok. Life isn't always sun shine and flowers. A great panel.

Next year is suppose to be even bigger so I can't wait. Here is what I went home with.

Than we have my nervous son in front of a moving cardboard Ttansformer

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RMT:Ghostbusters 2016 (73% RT)

Random Movie Thoughts

I went into Ghostbusters with an open mind. Its one of my fav movies ever and cartoons. Toys, video games. I love everything. I didn't freak at the all female cast or the terrible theme song by Fall Out Boy and a awful trailer. Is it the the GB reboot I wanted? No not by a long shot but its been so long I thought whatever. Its just good to see Ghostbusters on the screen again. I looked at this reboot and this movie like a "spoof" of the original GB. Its more over the top and the comedy comes first. Its is  it own thing to me. Here's my quick random thoughts.

-A lot of the jokes miss. Like no one laughed in the theater. Some what awkward moments. I will say I think these actors and writers, directors work better with rated R stuff.

-Some stuff was funny and had me laughing but there are a lot of misses.

-Thought all the four girls had funny moments and fit in and had a role on the team that was used through out the movie.
-The comedy comes first. To me the Original GB is science fiction first and comedy second. This is a pure comedy. I prefer it the other way around.

-Loved the gear more than the I thought I would. The new way to open the trap and all that was great.

-You only see them trap one ghost!!

-The new Ecto shots were pretty great. Don't care for the car as much but thought it was well showed.
-The Villain was lacking. Should have had a better actor.

-Thor was pretty funny. He had the least comedy misses.

-Really enjoyed Kate McKinnon. I love her on SNL so that isn't surprising. My wife thought she was too much of a cartoon at times which I can see.

-McCarthy is held on a lease since we know she does better when she can yell f words.

-I really liked all the proton throwing and use. Lots of ghosts get toasted by beams(but not crazy about that) . My only gripe with the Original GB is that THEY DON'T BUST ENOUGH GHOSTS! Here they do that but only trap one... so mixed bag.

-The ending is alright, nothing really funny happens in the 3rd act. The big ghost gets taken down by chance and comedy which is like "mehhhh" The original you thought ok these guys are giving their lives and crossing the streams to save NYC. Again science before comedy. With Slimmer driving Ecto into the vortex...Comedy first.

-Seeing all the busters in random roles was a bit off. I only liked Hudson's since he had the funnest line. Thought all the others were lame or misses on the comedy.

-Movie goes blue screen crazy in the end. Looks terrible at times. I'm not a fan of ton of special effects.

-This leads to my biggest issue. The special effects are awful. I hate the choice that was made to make everything look like a fruit snack. Its like they hired the special effects guy from the Casper movie to do the ghosts and special effects. The effects in the original look far better and these effects will cause the movie to age poorly. From the proton streams to the ghosts. The 1984 effects are more real. This to me goes back to the comedy first thing. Its the only thing about the movie I couldn't stand or hated.
-Ghosts are destroyed my proton streams alone?

-Looks like there will be a second movie.

Its not great or bad. Its a mix bag to me and I think a lot of kids will enjoy it which is a good thing since Ghostbusters is for kids. I never thought it was scary and think some RGB episdoes are scarier. That being said the grown up in me would like to see a more serious and scarier Ghostbusters. One that is aimed at me, and it looks like Sony is willing to really use the licence now so who knows. I know this spoof one will go on to make a second but I really hope we get a science first one.

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COOL CRAP: Hall of Omens

SD80s reader Budda from Hall of Omens contacted me with interest in my Thundercat shoes. After seeing the Hall of Omens I knew that is where those shoes belonged. The hall is so great I wanted to share it here on the blog. The great thing about the Hall of Omens is that it isn't just toys but everything and anything Thundercats. Things I totally forgot about are there like the cool plastic puzzles, pencil sharpeners and even a amazing Thundercats big wheel. So if you love Thundercats than book your tour now to the... Hall of Omens!

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