RMT:Ghostbusters 2 (RT 51%)

I saw the trailer to this as a kid and went crazy in the theater. I then saw it and enjoyed it. I mean I was 7 so there was no way I wasn't going to like it. Now my kids have been asking to watch this one more and more. I'd say more than the original. They really love the end to the first but I think there are some slow parts for kids that bore them. Two moves a bit faster pace imo. Since I've seen the move twice in 2 days thanks to the kids I'd figured we do a Random Movie Thoughts on it.

-I can't believe this came out in 1989. Feels like 1992 or something. Can't explain it.

-Egon's hair is taller than ever.

-Loved seeing a broke down Ecto 1. We need a Hot wheels Elite of this.

-Dana was hot in the red in GB1. Never hot again in any movie at any time.
-I wish I could watch World of the physics with Bill Murry for real.

-Those guys make a crap attempt at stopping that baby carriage.

-I like the haunted painting bit. Think hes a creepy enough but you never feel the weight of "the world is ending like in GB1".

-The Ghostbusters digging the hole in the middle of the street is probably one of the funnier parts of the movie. Bill of course leads the charge.

-No Winston of course digging. He gets shit on per usual.

-I love how Ray freaks out and hits one pipe and the whole city goes dark.

-Tully is great in all the court stuff. Very funny.
-I love the court bust. Two great spookes, lots of proton streams. I think both movies could have had more busting. I want more of this! There just isn't enough.

-Get to see the new Ecto-1A which I loved as a kid. I entered a contest at the store to win one. I didn't win... I wonder who won it and what happened to it? Was it the real car? Replica? My son says it looks better too. I now enjoy the classic Ecto 1. Less is more but as a kid you love A1.

-You see some great stuff during the music video. Stuff I would want to see not just quick clips of. Again not enough busting.

-Jeanine is back and just odd. I really don't like it. She goes from normal secretary with an edge or attitude to trying to be sexy and now just seems like a dumb bimbo or something. Its almost seems like not the same person but it is.
-This movie takes like no chances what so ever. They took the safest of safe routes making this movie. Its like the same as the first but subbed in different ghosts and Vigo. Bill said the movie looked nothing like what he was told it would be. I think Sony got cold feet since the Real Ghostbusters was so huge and didn't want to keep parents from taking their kids. So they played it safe. Had Dan change it up from what he showed Bill. I mean they don't even smoke... No Twinkies either.

-The GB sign shows a "2" fingered ghost? So they are breaking the 4th wall? They know its a movie? Always thought the GB 2 logo was silly. Not a chance I go that route if it were my choice.

-So the door locks and Egon and Ray are trapped next to the fire. Winston then breaks the door down... So one side had the lock... If its on the outside why does he smash a door down? If its on the inside why don't they just unlock it?

-Probably the only original new thing in this movie was the river of slim. I enjoy all those parts and how it works with emotion.

-The slim throwers was pretty great, I had that toy.

-The Titanic scene was always a favorite. I still have my Hardees glass with the ship on it.

-I never realized that the ghost who took Oscar looked like Janosz...Until now.. Huh.

-I always liked the Liberty scene. Its just he Melo Man part of the movie basically. Loved the NES Advantage is driving the thing..All pretty crazy really.
-The last Fight with Vigo is so quick. Not enough streams and slim! seems like it ends fast. Ray turns to Vigo for like a hot second. Can't you imagine if Rayigo run off, grab Ecto and the GB have to follow to save their friends life? Would have been better right? Hire me.. when I was 7.
GB2 is what it is. Its Ok. It really builds very little from the first and tells almost the same story. Its a bit of a bummer. If anyone says its better than the first they drank to many Ecto Coolers. Played it way to safe and not enough Buster action imo. I still like it but series still has one great movie to its name. On the bright side. The 2nd NES game is a bit better than the first GB game...

I have the three GB2 comics which shows some deleted scenes with Ray driving like a nut in Ecto and crashing. Worth checking out and cool little vintage comic.

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  1. Q: "So the door locks and Egon and Ray are trapped next to the fire. Winston then breaks the door down... So one side had the lock... If its on the outside why does he smash a door down? If its on the inside why don't they just unlock it?"

    A: Its the ghost butler trope! The door lock is being held closed by a ghost preventing anyone from unlocking it. Winston is genre savvy and knows he can't unlock it so he breaks it down.

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